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The 2016 NetGloW conference will discuss relations between diverse networks. At the conceptual level it offers a discussion on relations between networks of different types – like inter-personal networks, semantic networks, organizational networks, material objects networks. One can pose questions about how those networks influence each other within and across different spheres, and how these processes unfold in time. At methodological level the approaches, tools and techniques of analysis of relations between networks are to be considered. Those may include both qualitative and quantitative, both static and dynamic ones, both compared separately or as part of multilevel, multiple or other combinations. At the level of applications the conference is to discuss how network structures and their dynamics can be compared across cultures, societies, states, economies, and cities, - with a primary focus on European societies. The participants will be invited to discuss if and how diverse structures can co-exist and co-evolve.

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Keynotes & Invited talks

Keynote speakers

Michael Batty

Michael Batty

University College London

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Peter Bearman

Peter Bearman

Columbia University in the City of New York

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  • Network analysis of cultural and social duality
  • Words and Networks
  • Socio-Material Network Analysis: Relating Individuals and Physical Contexts
  • Making Sense of Big Network Data: Testing Hypotheses on New Data
  • Statistical modeling of multimodal networks
  • Qualitative analysis of multimodal networks
  • Social media networks
  • Networked city: The multiplicity of urban links and nodes
  • Networks in Art: Practice and Structure, Meanings and Interactions
  • Networks in Science, Technology, and Innovation
  • Social Movements and Collective Action as Network Phenomena
  • Network Analysis of Political and Policy-making Domains

  • Bridging theory and method in multilevel and multiple network modeling
  • Centrality measures in social networks and in semantic networks: the limits of applicability

  • Introduction to R and Social Network Analysis
  • Network dependencies in social space, geographical space, and temporal space
  • Multilevel ERGM analysis with MPNet
  • Semantic network analysis with R
  • Semantic Network Analysis with Automap

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